3 Exciting Ways to Teach Your Child about God

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Do you want to teach your child about God but donít know where to start?† The idea of teaching our kids about a God we struggle to understand can feel overwhelming.†

However, we can trust God to help us and guide us.† Letís talk about this challenge together today.

How to Teach Your Child About God

ďMom, what do you think Jesus is doiní right now?Ē my three-year-old asks as I push his stroller down our quiet country road.

ďWell, I think heís seated on his throne in heaven with God,Ē I respond thoughtfully.

ďBut I thought you said heís always with me.† How can he be in two places at the same time?Ē he ponders out loud.

ďWell, Jesus is omnipresent.† That means he can be everywhere at the same time,Ē I explain

ďThatís not possible.† Quit lying to me, Mom,Ē he remarks.† He then proceeds to ask me a question about squirrels.

Iím sure Iíve just missed an opportunity to teach my child about the character of God.

If youíre anything like me, you want to teach your child about God, but you sometimes find yourself at a loss for words.

Iíve been trying to teach our little ones about the Lord for twelve years now.† As I reflect on the journey, three specific insights stand out as concrete ways to teach your child about God.

Letís talk about these insights today.

mom and son-teach your child about God

3 Ways to Teach Your Child About God

#1 Model a lifestyle of prayer.

Whatís the first thing you do when you feel a headache coming on?† How do you respond when your car gets a flat tire on the Interstate?† What do you do when you realize you left your purse in the cart at the grocery store?

Let me be real.

All too often, I reach for the medicine cabinet instead of praying when my head starts hurting.

I search for my phone and call for help before offering prayer when my vehicle gets a flat tire.

I hop in the car and rush back to the store when I realize I left my purse in a shopping cart.

Thereís nothing wrong with any of these actions.† Theyíre necessary actions.

However, imagine how different our lives would be if we learned to pray first in these moments.

Imagine asking God to heal your headache before you pop the ibuprofen.† Imagine asking for Godís help before you call the tow truck.† What might happen if you prayed before fleeing to retrieve your missing purse?

We teach our kids about God when we model a lifestyle of praying first.

When life falls apart, we pray.

When Godís gifts abound, we pray.

We pray before leaving the house every morning, pray throughout the day, and pray before bed at night.

This kind of prayer teaches our kids that God is a loving Father who wants us to run to him first.† We donít need any deep theological background to help our kids understand Godís provision and love.

We need to show them that God is always listening.

#2 Spend time in Godís Word together.

A few months after our first child was born, I remember pulling out a childrenís Bible and attempting to teach her about Jesus.

Instead of enjoying my lesson, she repeatedly pulled the little Bible to her face and forcefully shoved it into her mouth.

After five minutes of wrestling the soggy Bible out of her little hands, I thought, ďThis is harder than I expected.Ē

Throughout the twelve years since that incident, spending time in Godís Word with our three kids is often harder than I expect.† They have trouble paying attention. They argue about who is going to sit in the best spot and who gets to pick the story.

Often, I end up snapping at them instead of embracing teachable moments.† Itís hard.

Spending time in the Bible with your kids probably wonít always be easy for you either.† At times, they will complain.† They will poke at each other, interrupt you, and ask unrelated questions.

Today I encourage you not to give up.† Keep opening the Word.† Try different formats.

Buy a colorful picture Bible for your little ones, or invest in a trendy teen Bible for your older children.

Hang framed verses on your walls.† Write a verse on a sheet of computer paper, hang it on the fridge, and memorize it as a family.† Memorize a new verse every week.

There are many ways to spend time in Godís Word together.† You donít have to do this perfectly.† Give it your best effort, and Godís Word will not return empty!

mom and daughter-teach your child about God

#3 Teach your child about God by sharing your passions.

Where do you feel closest to God?† Do you sense his presence when you hike in the woods or walk in the community park?† Do you sense his nearness when you paint, write, draw, knit, ski, jog, or enjoy your favorite hobby?† Maybe you feel closest to God when you serve at the local food bank or volunteer in the nursery at church.

Teach your child about God by sharing your God-given passions, hobbies, talents, and interests with your child.

Take your child hiking and talk about the glory of Godís created world.

Invite your child to paint or draw with you and talk about Godís creativity.

Ask your child to join you at the foodbank and talk about Godís heart for serving others.

By inviting your child into your interests and passions, you naturally model the ways God works in our lives and uses us to fulfill his purposes.

Use these situations to teach your child about cultivating talents and passions for the glory of God.

Iíve been inviting my daughter Bekah into my passion for writing for years.† When she was younger, we often wrote fictitious stories together, and she added illustrations.

Last year, as an eleven-year-old, Bekah made a surprising request.† She asked me to write a mother-daughter devotional book with her!

Honestly, I didnít expect the idea to make it off the ground.

Eight months and 258 pages later, we finished our mother-daughter devotional book.† This experience has provided hundreds of opportunities for me to teach Bekah about God and help her grow in her faith.

You donít have to write a book with your child to help your child grow in faith; however, let me warn youóyou might be surprised by the outcome when you seriously commit to teaching your child about God!

Let Our Book Help You Teach Your Child About God

Reading a devotional book with your child can help develop a deeper faith.† Our mother-daughter devotional is written specifically for girls ages 10-15, but you can adapt it to use with children of any age!

Our book is called Girl to Girl: 60 Mother-Daughter Devotions for a Closer Relationship and Deeper Faith.† Check it out right here!

I hope this has been helpful on how to teach your child about God.

mother and chld walking-teach your child about God



Stacey Pardoe writes weekly at staceypardoe.com. Stacey and her 12-year-old daughter Bekah recently published a one-of-a-kind mother-daughter devotional together
called Girl to Girl: 60 Devotions for a Closer Relationship and Deeper Faith.





Stacey Pardoe

Stacey Pardoe is passionate about equipping others to live purpose-filled, empowered lives. She lives in western Pennsylvania where she is a writer, mother, mentor, and teacher. She has a Masters's degree in Education. Stacey is a lover of forests and open skies, she enjoys hiking, camping, jogging, and chasing adventure with her 3 children and husband Darrell. Above all else, the love of Christ has forever captured her heart and she is devoted to helping others encounter His relentless love. She writes every Wednesday at staceypardoe.com and published a Mother-Daughter Devotional.

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  2. Thank you Stacey. I have also gotten the reply – How can God be everywhere at the same time. (LOL). Thank you for being real and sharing these very practical steps. It is never easy but we won’t give up.

    1. The questions they ask are sometimes hilarious and sometimes hard to answer! It keeps us on our toes, right?! ūüôā You’re right about never giving up! God’s Word never returns empty!

  3. Stacey,
    You’ve shared such wonderful ideas about sharing our faith the little ones in our lives. Julie Lavender has a great book to build both faith and parental relationship that was published about a year ago that you may enjoy. It’s called, “365 Ways to Love Your Child”.

    1. Tammy, thanks so much for passing this resource along to me! This would certainly bless my little ones! I’m going to check it out! Thanks for your ministry, friend! You are a gift to me!

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