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I am Mary Rooney Armand and I am happy you chose to visit ButterflyLiving. I would like to invite you to read our stories about living as a beautiful, beloved child of God.

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ButterflyLiving is a community that helps Christians live a transformed, better altogether life.

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For Christians, transformation begins with a spiritual awakening or rebirth. After awakening, God ignites a desire for us to change, similar to a butterfly created from a caterpillar. God's plan is for us to flourish with a newness of life as we go through a metamorphosis into beautiful butterflies with wings to fly.

Join us on our journey through stories, testimonies and scripture that help us develop and live as beautiful Christ followers.

ButterflyLiving is based on Romans 6:4 "…just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life." NKJV

Mary Rooney Armand created ButterflyLiving in 2019 after a year of studying her identity.

She loved studying God's word, prayer and her faith community, but at times, found herself focused on rule following and service. Both attributes are important, but not the soul of a relationship with Christ. She wanted to embrace the love, freedom and peace that Jesus offered and help others do the same.

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