Jesus is a Different Kind of King and We are His Royalty

Jesus is a different kind of King and we are His royalty!

But in January, for the people of New Orleans, eyes are on the Kings and Queens of carnival as “King’s Day” is celebrated January 6.

Kings Day

Traditionally January 6 represents the day the three Wise Men brought gifts to baby Jesus.

In New Orleans, it is the official kick-off of the Carnival Season or Mardi Gras, with bakeries doing double time baking king-cakes.  

I remember as a child seeing the King of the parades sitting high atop the hand-painted float with his Gold crown. The children who were the King’s Pages, with their little gloved hands, tossing doubloons and the Dukes dressed like royalty on horseback.

A Mardi Gras Spectator

Mardi Gras has been known as the greatest free show on earth.

As a little girl with a big imagination, I always envisioned myself as a spectator in a live fairy tale and appreciated the sheer awesomeness of extravagance on display during Mardi Gras parades.  

As I got older I looked forward to catching the highlights of King Rex toasting his Queen on Mardi Gras day; wondering to myself how it must feel to have the best view and be toasted as “Her Majesty”.

I also remember the excitement of staying up late watching the traditional Mardi Gras ball when King’s Comus and Rex would meet surrounded by their court.

Once again a spectator on the outside feeling that this was the closest I was ever going to get to Royalty.  

King's crown- Jesus is a different kind of king

Jesus is a Different Kind of King

Then I came to know Jesus.. and KING had a whole new meaning!! I know the ultimate King Jesus, and now I am no longer a spectator and I don’t feel left out!

I became a royal subject in the great show of life.

Now, not to seem self-serving, but eyes are on me.. not because of what I do, but because of who I am. I am a daughter of the One True King and I have the privilege of representing God’s Holy Family!

Not just one day a year, but for eternity. I have the best seat in the house, right next to Jesus and there was nothing for me to do other than ask.  

The Sidewalk Prophets’ song, “Come to the Table” reminds me of these feelings:

“We all start on the outside, the outside looking in, this is where grace begins. We were hungry, we were thirsty with nothing left to give, Oh the shape that we were in.

Just when all hope seemed lost, Love opened the door for us. Just come to the table, come join the sinners, you have been redeemed. Take your place beside the Savior now Sit down and be set free. Come to the table.”

The lyrics, put in perspective, tell us all we need to do is sit down and be set free and our life is redeemed. We are all welcome to take our place beside the Savior.  

What about you? Do you believe you are a child of Jesus, a different kind of King?

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Nancy Luketich

Nancy is a NOLA girl and loves her city! Married to her best friend Bill for 28 years; they have 2 awesome kids along with their 100 pound Golden that is the center of attention! Nancy is an on-air host for LifeSongs Radio and thrives in the arena of using her voice to encourage others. Nancy has a love for New Orleans cuisine and enjoys visiting local eateries with friends. Nancy and her husband serve together in their church and lead a marriage group.

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  1. Jean Catozella on January 11, 2020 at 3:23 pm

    Nancy, this is so very true and I loved your analogy of the earthly king and the one true KING! How blessed we all are and I am blessed to know you!

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