Spring Cleaning

I look forward to Spring Cleaning! I’m one of those people that LOVES to organize and purge this time of year. There is such a sense of accomplishment when I open my cabinets and closets to see everything in it’s proper place. I also love “to-do’ lists. My taskmaster personality enjoys focusing and getting thingsContinue reading “Spring Cleaning”

Embracing the unexpected

Have you ever had a scenario in your head, and when the scene played out you realized it didn’t turn out like you envisioned…at all!? Whether it’s a home project, party, conversation, or even a movie, we can begin with preconceived notions and play a movie trailer in our minds on what’s to come. SometimesContinue reading “Embracing the unexpected”

Reckless & Audacious Prayer

I’m trying to pray audacious prayers. Audacious is not a word that gets used every day. It implies a boldness that isn’t always appropriate. Dictionary.com uses such phrases as “recklessly brave” and “recklessly bold in defiance of convention, propriety, law, or the like.” That’s a lot of reckless. Anyone who knows me would not describeContinue reading “Reckless & Audacious Prayer”

Royalty because of who we are…children of the King

New Orleans is focused on Kings and Queens this time of year as “King’s Day” is being celebrated on January 6. Traditionally it represents the day the three Wise Men brought gifts to baby Jesus. In New Orleans it is the official kick off to the Carnival Season, with bakeries doing double time baking king-cakes. Continue reading “Royalty because of who we are…children of the King”