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Arris Charles is a Life Purpose Coach passionate about helping Christian women in midlife to joyfully pursue their God-given purpose so they can live with more passion, confidence, and impact. Her 'Live Inspired by Purpose' blog blends Biblical insights and practical actions to help women to walk in God’s purposes in their everyday life as well as their unique calling. She hosts the Christian Woman Life Purpose Community Facebook group for women who want more clarity, confidence, and community walking with like-minded women on their path of purpose.
4 Steps to Nurture Christian Friendship by Growing in God's Love
4 Steps to Nurture Christian Friendship by Growing in God’s Love
“We’ll get together soon. I’ll call you.” Those words gave me hope of making a new Christian friendship.  We’ve moved often and I’ve heard those well-meaning words often. Sometimes smiles and pleasantries exchanged week after week, month after month—but no phone calls and no get-togethers.  Sometimes the start of a potentially great Christian friendship sparked…
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