Personal Growth and Development

Welcome to Personal Growth and Development! A place where you can read stories about God’s transforming power and how it affects our personal development. When we experience personal growth, it impacts every area of our life. A transformed spirit leads to a desire to grow personally which guides us to a better altogether life in Christ.
Lady with arms spread-living an authentic life
Living an Authentic Life
Path with flowers-purpose in life
Finding My Purpose in Life & What is the Real Purpose of Life
Lady by water-controlling anxiety
9 Tips to Help with Controlling Anxiety
Sketch of family-a child of divorce
Person standing in the valley of 2 mountains-Coming to terms with turning 50
Lady Holding her Head-How to Calm Down
A pencil erasing the word Fear-Coping with Fear
Plant in a red pot-Growing in Generosity
Lady under an umbrella-Take a Leap of Faith
Waterfall with rainbow- Searching for Rainbows
Person standing on a cliff-Are you feeling Vulnerable?
Scuba Diver in water-Overcoming Obstacles